The Symposium will highlight recent progress and explore future developments in the growing field of molecular machines, which was honored with the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry:

Nobel Laureate Sir J. Fraser Stoddart will present a Keynote Lecture.

The Symposium will include experimental achievements as well as advances in theoretical modeling, presented by a wide range of international experts. Both oral and poster presentations are welcome.


Confirmed invited speakers include:

·Sir J. Fraser Stoddart (Northwestern University, 2016 Chemistry Nobel Laureate)

· R. Dean ASTUMIAN (University of Maine)

· Shixuan DU (Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing)

· Karl-Heinz ERNST (EMPA & University of Zurich)

· Klaus HERMANN (Fritz-Haber-Institut, Berlin)

· Saw-Wai HLA (Ohio University)

· Wei JIANG (South University of Science and Technology of China, Shenzhen)

· Christian JOACHIM (CNRS, Toulouse)

· Josef MICHL (U Colorado Boulder & Czech Acad. Sci. Prague)

· Ben Zhong TANG (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)



Sir James Stoddart




· Abstract submission   : 28 August 2017 14
· Early-bird registration: 29 September 2017




International Organizing Committee:


·        Michel A. VAN HOVE (HKBU) Co-Chair

·        Rui-Qin ZHANG (CityU) Co-Chair

·        Karl-Heinz ERNST (EMPA & University of Zurich)

·        Hong-Jun GAO (IoP, CAS)

·        Klaus HERMANN (FHI/MPG)

·        Christian JOACHIM (CNRS)

·        Nian LIN (HKUST)

·        Ben Zhong TANG (HKUST)

·        Leihan TANG (HKBU)


Local Organizing Committee:


·        Michel A. VAN HOVE (HKBU) Co-Chair

·        Rui-Qin ZHANG (CityU) Co-Chair

·        Ken CF LEUNG (HKBU)

·        Leihan TANG (HKBU)

·        Kin Yiu WONG (HKBU)

·        Mao Hai XIE (HKU)

·        Run-Dong ZHAO (HKBU)

·        Yan-Ling ZHAO (HKBU)

·        Yanoar SARWONO (CityU)

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